An Index of Sorts

After more than a year of publishing an essay every Wednesday morning, here are more than fifty articles. They have been written randomly, so they will certainly benefit from categorization and organization. Some groupings appear obvious, such as activist related, but others seem to be orphans: they are gathered under ‘Miscellaneous.’ Whatever the outcome, it will be an improvement over pure randomness!

Request: if any link does not work, please let me know. Many thanks.

Why Do I Write?

My Eagle

Why Do I Write?

A Writing Workshop


Three Days in the Life of an Activist

The Other Person’s Perspective

Middle Seat on an Airplane

Six Hours, One Protest

What Can You Do?


My Allocution

Another Hearing, Not Mine

From Five Years Ago

The Wrong Peace Rally

The Judge Called in Sick


Friends, Neighbors, and Relatives

Two Judy’s and a Judith

Magnets and Friends, Part I: Goddesses

Magnets and Friends, Part II: Train Friends

Fake Cousins and Postcards

Neighbors and Neighborhoods

Saffron, Not the Spice

Life Begins

Family Secrets

Fear, Gratitude, Moods, and Magic


Fear, Part II

Old, Reused Gratitude

Thank You, Teachers

Being Psychic

Do You Believe in Magic?

Moody Monday

All About Me

Introducing Me

Introducing Me, Part II

The Story of My Name

Three Initials

Transformation of Gifts

My Favorite Foods and Drinks

Personal Telephone History

Electronic Decluttering

Goodby to Tap Dancing

Going Out on Friday Night

Ten Memories

An Article of Clothing

Books, TV, and Music

Music and My Life, Part I

Music and My Life, Part II

Two Book Reviews


First European Trip

In Transit

Three Canals and the Moon

Coffee and Tea


When I Was on a Jury


The Back of Her Hand

Puzzling Meanderings

A Wonder-Filled Day

Two Birthdays, Three Stories

Best Birthdays Ever!

A Failed Attempt at Fiction

Do Not Lie

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