Threads of One Person’s Influence

Occasionally, when someone influences us, we know immediately, for example, watching someone on the news doing something spectacular, like rescuing a person from a burning building, or standing up against authority, like Malala Yousafzai. More often, we are not aware of the influence until decades later, as often happens with the influence of parents. Sometimes,Continue reading “Threads of One Person’s Influence”

What Have I Fought For?

I’m not writing about ‘fighting’ as in physically fighting, as that’s not actually something I’ve ever done. However, there is a fight that happens when something in you rebels against what the world expects of you, something that is different from the seed of you which is growing, stretching towards what it must become. Here’sContinue reading “What Have I Fought For?”

An Index of Sorts

After more than a year of publishing an essay every Wednesday morning, here are more than fifty articles. They have been written randomly, so they will certainly benefit from categorization and organization. Some groupings appear obvious, such as activist related, but others seem to be orphans: they are gathered under ‘Miscellaneous.’ Whatever the outcome, itContinue reading “An Index of Sorts”