Magnets and Friends: Part 2 — Train Friends

I began Part 1 with a brief reference to magnets and their fields and the frequent parallels to relationships between friends, either attracting or repelling. Coincidentally, I have recently read a book that has captured my attention more strongly that any other in recent years. Titled The Depth of Our Belonging, it was written byContinue reading “Magnets and Friends: Part 2 — Train Friends”

Magnets and Friends: Part 1 — Goddesses

I have always been fascinated by magnets, whether shown on a world map, indicated by arrows pointing to the North Pole, a magnetic desk gadget holding paper clips, or two magnets, either attracting or repelling as their relative positions change. Recently, I have wondered whether there is a similar invisible mechanism governing friendship. As IContinue reading “Magnets and Friends: Part 1 — Goddesses”