The Back of Her Hand

Our language has many terms familiar to all of us for specific small parts of the body, such as knee, elbow, shin, nostril, thumb, palm, and more; however, there is no such term for the back of the hand. I’ll come back to that later. I just spent two fun days in New York CityContinue reading “The Back of Her Hand”

What Do I Value?

At various times we can be asked what is most important or what we value or what is our religion. Depending on how and when it is asked, any of us can respond in various ways, often knowing that our answer in incomplete or partly inaccurate. I have recently realized the single belief that hasContinue reading “What Do I Value?”

Two Judy’s and a Judith

Whatever our age, there is a cluster of people with certain names that are seldom repeated within other generations. For example, I am Carole, a name common to my generation, much less so to younger people, and rarely given to new babies now. As a result, we often find ourselves having friends with the sameContinue reading “Two Judy’s and a Judith”

Coffee and Tea

At first glance, this appears to be a boring topic. Yes, I can tell you that my seasonal preference is for decaffeinated Earl Grey tea, lightened with eggnog, but how interesting is that? Not very. Than, as I begin to consider the opportunities I have had to enjoy these beverages in different settings and inContinue reading “Coffee and Tea”

In Transit

If the goal were to write about transportation or being in transit, what should be considered? Well, it could be any kind of transportation, i.e., car, train, plane, boat, or probably even things like sled, skateboard, or wagon. Then, an important consideration would be what might make a particular incidence of transportation memorable, perhaps locationContinue reading “In Transit”

An Article of Clothing

I’ve owned so many different articles of clothing. Some were highly significant, such as my two wedding dresses, each cherished, while others were valued, though not particularly significant, such as my favorite, most comfortable underwear. I want to share the description of an article of clothing that I never owned, but that represented something pricelessContinue reading “An Article of Clothing”

The Family Secret

It’s strange that I am unclear when I actually learned about this secret. I know it was after my parents’ 25th anniversary party, which I orchestrated nearly fifty years ago. It was a wonderful surprise gathering at the Surf in Magnolia, with a full dinner and a live band for dancing. I had invited myContinue reading “The Family Secret”

Six Hours, One Protest

In one sense, this was just another protest, one of many in which I have participated. But, the protest Sunday in Bow, NH, was different for me. Let me describe it. First of all, two years ago, this was where I was arrested. Well, not exactly here, but across the street at the coal-powered plant,Continue reading “Six Hours, One Protest”

Reviews of Two Therapeutic Books

The purpose of this article is to describe two books that, although each therapeutic, are different from each other in significant ways. The books are Nest, by Debbie Baxter ( and No Sticks No Stones, by Ricia Fleming ( In the interest of full disclosure, Ricia has been a tap-dancing friend for several years. OurContinue reading “Reviews of Two Therapeutic Books”

Three Initials

The assignment was to write three paragraphs, each one focused on a word beginning with an initial of my name. C is for Criminal My name is Carole and I am a criminal. I am not a bad criminal, but a good one, who causes good trouble, the kind of trouble recommended by John Lewis.Continue reading “Three Initials”


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