Walking the Camino, Part II

(Please read Part I first.) The Camino: From Boston on September 23, 2017, six weeks before my 71st birthday, we flew American Airlines flight 8640 to Madrid, then took a train to Sarria, our chosen starting point. There was a little awkwardness between us, as we each anticipated the beginning of our pilgrimage the nextContinue reading “Walking the Camino, Part II”

Weight and Light

These two words have so much in common — four letters i, g, h, and t — and yet, so little, really. My life right now feels like a see-saw between both and must be examined. I believe that many others are also experiencing this in their lives, as well, because of the influence ofContinue reading “Weight and Light”

An Accidental Picture

This picture was taken with a real camera, not a phone, probably twenty-five years ago. I think it was in Turkey, though possibly Croatia, where we visited three years later. It’s my husband, Paul, and I having lunch at an outside cafe while on vacation. Incidentally, visiting Croatia was also an ‘accident,’ unplanned until visitingContinue reading “An Accidental Picture”

An Index of Sorts

After more than a year of publishing an essay every Wednesday morning, here are more than fifty articles. They have been written randomly, so they will certainly benefit from categorization and organization. Some groupings appear obvious, such as activist related, but others seem to be orphans: they are gathered under ‘Miscellaneous.’ Whatever the outcome, itContinue reading “An Index of Sorts”

My Eagle

Carole’s Eagle This story began in 2007 and came to fruition today, January 10, 2021. During June of 2007, Paul and I were celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary on Vancouver Island. It was a lovely vacation and on one glorious day, we were bicycling, something we did rarely. We were on a quiet two-lane road, coveredContinue reading “My Eagle”

Old, Reused Gratitude

Well, that doesn’t sound so inviting, does it? Let me explain, because I’m certain that each of you has some past events that fall into this category. Just because you’ve never thought about it like this doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. There have been a few times in my life when someone didContinue reading “Old, Reused Gratitude”

A Failed Attempt at Fiction

The main character is a woman. She’s fictional, so the constraints on real women are not required. Is she a superwoman? Yes and no. Just being a real woman, overcoming all of the restrictions upon us every day, requires us to be super people. Nevertheless, what super-person power will my fictional woman have? Aha! SheContinue reading “A Failed Attempt at Fiction”

When I Was on a Jury

Once upon a time, I was on a jury, maybe twenty to thirty years ago. My memory of it continues to be strong, at least of the important facts, though not many specific details. The trial was of a man accused of drunk driving or DUI. The trial lasted a single day, evidence, deliberations, verdict,Continue reading “When I Was on a Jury”


What regrets do I have about my choices that may have changed the direction of my life? Well, I have no regrets about my own choices. It would have been nice to be able to sing on key, but it certainly has never been my conscious choice to sing in a way that others askContinue reading “Regrets?”


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