Snapshot of My Week

This past week has been particularly joyful, so I must share it with you. I spent last week at a writing workshop, my first ever. I was not clear about my expectations in advance, then ended the week with some certainty that I am writing a book, that I am a writer. That’s the firstContinue reading “Snapshot of My Week”

Life Begins

Life begins. Right now, I’m thinking of the life of my son, born 54 years ago. As I remember it, I think of a picture of me holding him while my then-husband, his dad, drove us home. It was before seat belts and child seats were either common or required, so my baby was heldContinue reading “Life Begins”

Fake Cousins and Postcards

My family includes many cousins, most of whom I love very much. I need to tell you who I’m including, because they’re not actually cousins. My mom had cousins, four brothers, who we treated as uncles. It followed that their many offspring were our cousins, fake cousins. Mom also had one sister with three kidsContinue reading “Fake Cousins and Postcards”

Puzzling Meanderings

I love to do puzzles, many kinds, though right now I’m thinking specifically of jigsaw puzzles. Most of our living takes place on the first floor of our house, but upstairs is a little room, well-lit with two skylights, with a table surrounded by a futon and two comfortable chairs. We seldom use this room,Continue reading “Puzzling Meanderings”

Transformation of Gifts

It is seldom that we truly change, though it sometimes happens. Here’s my story of more than a change, a transformation really, that happened to me. It involves gifts and it was a gift. Growing up, I loved gifts, both giving and receiving. Giving was actually better, because I got to plan and choose theContinue reading “Transformation of Gifts”

Moody Monday

Hearing the powerful poem (Lenox Hill) of the elephants falling off the cliff in Kashmir returned me to the mood I awakened with this morning. Well, not the horror, but the deep sadness I felt. The reason? Two weeks ago, I had decided on my next protest action, planning to travel to Minnesota to standContinue reading “Moody Monday”


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