Transformation of Gifts

It is seldom that we truly change, though it sometimes happens. Here’s my story of more than a change, a transformation really, that happened to me. It involves gifts and it was a gift. Growing up, I loved gifts, both giving and receiving. Giving was actually better, because I got to plan and choose theContinue reading “Transformation of Gifts”

Moody Monday

Hearing the powerful poem (Lenox Hill) of the elephants falling off the cliff in Kashmir returned me to the mood I awakened with this morning. Well, not the horror, but the deep sadness I felt. The reason? Two weeks ago, I had decided on my next protest action, planning to travel to Minnesota to standContinue reading “Moody Monday”


Part I With this past year’s interest in working from home — telecommuting — and the many discussions about what will happen when it’s not required, my mind frequently returns to 1995, when I first worked from home. My memory being imperfect, some of these details may be out of order, but the main factsContinue reading “Telecommuting”

Saffron, Not the Spice

This story has three chapters, with a clear beginning, middle and end. Paul and I had been married about 10 years, petless. I had a corporate job, worked from home when I wasn’t traveling, and was managing the new work-from-home program throughout the country. It seemed like a good time to get a dog, soContinue reading “Saffron, Not the Spice”

The Story of My Name

“Hallowed be thy name . . .” Many religions honor the name of God; at least one major religion never even writes or pronounces it. Even that word, God, is capitalized, as we capitalize our own names. I have often wondered why the name itself should be honored or hallowed, distinct from the Being. WithoutContinue reading “The Story of My Name”

Thank You, Teachers!

How many people in their seventies still have teachers? I have no idea, but I have several teachers for whom I feel grateful. Thanks, Debbie, Emily, Barbara, Nancy, Barrie, Maile, Nerissa, and JoAnne, this is for you. Eight teachers, that’s a lot or the number seems high for people my age. Let me tell youContinue reading “Thank You, Teachers!”

Do You Believe in Magic?

August 1994, that’s when this story is centered, though it didn’t begin or end then. It actually begins right now in February, with my watching the Netflix series, Merlin. I have always been fascinated with magic or its possibility. Maybe miracles, too. But, is there any difference? People can believe in either or neither orContinue reading “Do You Believe in Magic?”


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