Introducing Me, Part II

Following is the formal presentation I prepared for my court hearing on January 14, 2021. It follows, exactly as I spoke it. We have many methods of self-introduction and this is one of mine: Judge Kelly: During the early 80’s, I applied for work in a large company as an industrial engineer. After an extensiveContinue reading “Introducing Me, Part II”

Ten Memories

We all have many memories. In this writing, I share specific remembered moments from throughout my life that are special for various reasons. I begin with my earliest memories and include just enough information to place them in context. My earliest memory is sitting on the toilet being toilet trained by my grandmother, Josephine, withContinue reading “Ten Memories”

Best Birthdays Ever!

As Yehuda Amachai wrote, “the world is beautifully made for doing good.” When I consider all of the birthday celebrations that I have attended, including many of my own, one in particular stands out as truly outstanding. A second, very different, comes close, though for very similar reasons. The very best one? It happened lastContinue reading “Best Birthdays Ever!”

Snapshot of My Week

This past week has been particularly joyful, so I must share it with you. I spent last week at a writing workshop, my first ever. I was not clear about my expectations in advance, then ended the week with some certainty that I am writing a book, that I am a writer. That’s the firstContinue reading “Snapshot of My Week”

Life Begins

Life begins. Right now, I’m thinking of the life of my son, born 54 years ago. As I remember it, I think of a picture of me holding him while my then-husband, his dad, drove us home. It was before seat belts and child seats were either common or required, so my baby was heldContinue reading “Life Begins”

Fake Cousins and Postcards

My family includes many cousins, most of whom I love very much. I need to tell you who I’m including, because they’re not actually cousins. My mom had cousins, four brothers, who we treated as uncles. It followed that their many offspring were our cousins, fake cousins. Mom also had one sister with three kidsContinue reading “Fake Cousins and Postcards”


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