If I Were the Creator

If I were the Creator, could I have imagined a sky so blue with clouds so complex: some plump portions deeply white, some darkened and threatening rain, all in slow motion from the wind, some tiny wisps of white blown invisible into the vibrant blue?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined trees that develop such that in spring, tiny blossoms of white or pink emerge, sometimes with exquisite scents, which then, over a period of days, slowly fall, covering the ground with a natural confetti, resulting in expressions of awe from anyone nearby?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined any of our oceans, so immense, so beautifully edged, some ending in dramatic cliffs, some at sandy beaches, with water of magical hues as its depth lessens, all filled with living coral and too many varieties of exotic life to count, all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors, some that we enjoy eating, some that we enclose in smaller spaces in our homes or offices to view and admire?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined the colors that most of us can see, the rainbow of colors displayed in our plants and animals, that we attempt to copy with our paints? Could I have imagined the white beauty that covers our land as snow or even the simpler wonder of rain, soaking a dry earth, replenishing its rivers?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined our earth, the ways it is used to grow our food, our forests, and our flowers, the wildness of it, yet sometimes submissive to our demands, our desires, and needs, our inquisitiveness that yield natural remedies from it for our ailments and even poisons, as well?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined our personal energy that is generally replenished nightly with sleep and supplemented occasionally with naps? Could I have imagined the complexity within our bodies, our organs and bones that somehow keeps so many of us walking and talking for decades before being worn out?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined human beings, with just a little help from fathers, beginning in the mother’s womb, only after months of its unconscious nurturing, emerging to take a first breath and stretching out to cry, requiring years of conscious care to successfully develop into an adult, a full human being?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined the human requirement for food as sustenance, along with the innumerable ways that our appetites can be satisfied, including through vegetables, such as artichokes or asparagus, or with fruits like pineapple or mangoes or peaches?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined French poodles or penguins or kangaroos or giraffes or pandas or lions or chipmunks or whales or mosquitoes or angelfish or bright red cardinals or robins with their beautiful blue eggs or caterpillars turning into monarch butterflies? Could I have imagined kittens or puppies or lion cubs?

If I were the creator, could I have imagined the earth circling the sun or the moon circling us, giving us day and night and the seasons? Could I have imagined the other planets and the other galaxies, scattered throughout our night skies, or diamonds and opals created by the weighty pressure of the earth’s inner movement?

Incomplete puzzle of our solar system

I didn’t paint the Mona Lisa, but another human being did. I didn’t write Hamlet or Huckleberry Finn. I didn’t design a rocket ship. I didn’t build the pyramids. I didn’t write the Declaration of Independence. I didn’t design the Garden of Versailles. I didn’t design or build the Colosseum. I didn’t create the first blueberry pie or develop cheddar cheese or Brie. I didn’t design replacement knees or heart transplants, but other human beings did. Other human beings have imagined and accomplished all of these amazing things and so much more.

This creative energy is within each of us, just waiting to be used, to be released. Each of us has this one lifetime to release it, to discover it, to uncover it — this creative energy that is waiting to be unleashed. Perhaps this is our responsibility, our part to play in creation: to use our portion of creative energy, in all the ways that we do.

If I were the creator, where would I hide myself away, to be in full view, to be everywhere, to be available as needed, yet invisible? Would I be in the 99% of every atom that appears invisible, that fills every being and every thing on earth and every space in the universe? Check with Mary Conrow Coelho for her satisfying answer.

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Published by cyrein

Quaker, adventurer, wife, mom, sister, friend, special ed teacher, learner

2 thoughts on “If I Were the Creator

    1. It is a miracle, isn’t it? I’ve just returned from my second memorial service this week, plus learned about the passing of my ex’s wife and feel surrounded by death, but still, isn’t it all wondrous?


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