Bursting with Energy

As I’ve aged, I’ve had fewer days when I feel like this, bursting with energy. (See my earlier blog, Aging and Ageism.) But, today I do, so I’m going to dissect it, or at least try. Here are some of the seeds of this burst, as there are multiple threads.

First, I must describe a string of events that is clearly one of the seeds, beginning with my ongoing, unfulfilled need and desire for physical activity. Although I do not have athleticism in my past, during my fifties, I, by chance, became a rower with a fabulous group of people, mostly women in Gloucester, the Gloucester gig rowers. We rowed in heavy boats called gigs, six rowers and a coxswain, who guided the path of the gig. As rowers, we each faced away from the direction we were going, each manipulating one heavy oar. Initially, one of the challenges was to synchronize with the other rowers, to the timing set by the coxswain. After mastering the synchronization, the next challenge was to gain speed by using more force. This was quite challenging and exhilarating.

As I aged and, without realizing it, approached having a heart attack, recognizing my diminishing energy, I left rowing and began tap dancing at local senior centers throughout my sixties. This was, again, nothing I had done when I was younger and I completely loved it! In fact, after class, when I had a heart attack followed by a triple bypass, I couldn’t wait to return to class. After physical therapy, I was delighted when I was finally told it was safe to return to tapping. However, my energy level was lower than it had been; I just couldn’t keep up the pace needed, despite the encouragement and acceptance by Debbie, my beloved teacher.

Today, this morning, I’ve started another physical activity that left me as excited as I was about rowing and tapping — water aerobics! During the past few days, one tapping friend told me about these classes at my local Y. I investigated, learned that my health insurance would fully cover the membership fees, signed up for class, and showed up this morning. The 45-minute class was much more of a workout than I expected and more fun, especially knowing that my body really needs this exercise. Today’s class is one of about fifteen offered each week. Additionally, I’m anticipating my next cardiologist visit, knowing that she’ll be very pleased that I’m doing this. And, I won’t have to experience guilt that I’m not doing what I can to improve my health.

Among the positive sparks that I experienced in the water was appreciating the fact that I could see! The last time I was in a water aerobics class was decades ago, long before my cataract surgeries. I was extremely near-sighted without my eyeglasses, so could never see the instructor clearly. Now, post-cataracts, I could see everything, including the smile on Scott, our kind instructor. One more tiny extra was this amazing contraption that I used afterwards, that squeeged my bathing suit, squeezed almost all the water out!

Another recent change in my life is my new participation in a city tax abatement program available to seniors. In return for about 75 hours of volunteer work, just a few each week, I’ll receive $1000 decrease in my property tax bill. I’m excited about performing this work at BevCam, our local television channel. Despite not having a television for the past fifty years, I’m a fan of BevCam, because, among other things, they broadcast the city council meetings. I don’t need to watch them, because, when one is of interest to me, I’m there. Occasionally, someone says to me, “I saw you on television!” The only thing standing between me and beginning work at BevCam is a CORI check. I hope that my recent arrest for civil disobedience doesn’t prevent me from getting this new job!

Another contributor to my high mood today is that I’m having lunch with my son this afternoon, always an enormous pleasure for me. I don’t ever want to take for granted that we enjoy each other’s company and mutually seek time to spend together. The final contribution to today’s mood is merely a possibility, but one on which I think I’m going to act: an upcoming Celtic spiritual retreat in May, which is totally inviting. Anyone interested in joining me as a roommate?

So, these four threads, a new aerobics class, working with BevCam, lunch with my son, and the possibility of a retreat in Ireland, have intertwined to push my energy level to bursting. It feels wonderful!

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5 thoughts on “Bursting with Energy

  1. OMG, water aerobics have saved my body! When the spine starting dissolving about 20 years ago, hard core aerobics became prohibitive, and like you, eventually found these water fortified classes that completely support your frame while still working your ass off (full disclosure-still have plenty of behind). Kelly teaches at your Y and she is FABULOUS. Be sure to try one of her classes.

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  2. I’m very happy for you, Carole…and a bit envious because I know I could never do what you do and seem to thrive on — new and exciting adventures…but more power to you!! Enjoy!!

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