In My Bubble

We know we’re each in our own bubble, right? Self-focused, self-immersed, with our vision limited, not so much by being myopic, as much as by an inability to really see beyond ourselves. Well, my bubble right now is one of excessive goodness. I was reminded of this by Matt Haig’s book, The Midnight Library, p. 234, where a particular life was described thus: “It was an excess of good.”

My life has certainly been ‘an excess of good,’ not that I haven’t enjoyed every minute. Often when people describe or notice unfairness, it’s because they feel themselves shortchanged or the victim. Contrary to that, I have often experienced such abundance, such plenty, that I wonder at the universe’s decision-making process. I get it that my personal choices have contributed to my life; however, the end result is far more that merely my personal choices.

Now, you might also look at me and think, “What is she talking about?” I am not wealthy, in the literal, material sense of the word. But, I have enough, more than enough, actually, and I have an incredible sense of appreciation and wonder at this life that I inhabit.

Right now, I am twelve hours ahead of boarding a flight with my husband to Bali, to Indonesia. I am not yet fully believing that it’s true, partly because I never planned it. It started when a friend asked if I’d be her travel buddy, to visit another friend who has lived there for the past five years. Of course, I said yes and we made our reservations, deciding on business class, because we’re not young anymore. Because of a really sad occurrence, my friend cancelled and I briefly considered traveling solo. The short story is that my husband, Paul, decided to travel with me.

I have packed carefully and lightly, with only a carryon as my checked luggage. My actual carryon holds a snorkel and mask, with shorts and a tee shirt. If they lose my luggage, I can still snorkel in that tropical paradise! I’m taking with me a book written by my climate-protester friend, Hide, fiction that involves concern for the earth. After reading the first twenty pages, I decided that I needed to take it with me for plane-reading.

Packed and ready to fly!

Back to my bubble. Of course, you may be thinking, of course, I’m in a bubble, ready to spend three weeks on the other side of the planet. The other major parts of my life are equally good: a son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law, both loving and nearby; many friends and relatives in multiple groupings, of many ages; many activities, including water aerobics at the local Y, a local political group, the best neighbors, two writing groups, a Bible study group, and my beloved Quaker Friends. What’s not to love?

I also have the occasional thorns in my side, as do we all, and sadnesses, including recent deaths of people I love, plus serious illnesses of others. My health is far from perfect and Paul had two knee replacements last year. Nevertheless, my joy is boundless, though my pleasure in preparing meals is significantly reduced, as is my ability to hike.

My wonder at the world that surrounds us continues to increase, as does my amazement at some of the people in it who make choices adversely affecting the planet for their personal profit. It’s not new. Tobacco companies continued to sell their wares, knowing the damage their products were causing in human beings. My bubble does not include our planet, never mind the universe, so it is pricked often by awareness of the dangers that exist. In my own bubble, all is good. I live mostly in this bubble, venturing out with my civic swords, trying to change the ways of the systems that harm us and our gorgeous planet.

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2 thoughts on “In My Bubble

  1. I hope you’re having a great trip! I always enjoy reading your ‘Words’! Sue

    “We listen to views that make us feel good, instead of ideas that make us think hard.” -Adam M. Grant

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